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Experience opulence with Zanzibar yacht transfers, adding luxury and glamour to your travels.

Sail the Spice Islands! Luxury Yacht Transfers from Zanzibar Airport to Private Island Hotels

Do you have aerophobia? Or your international flight arriving too late to catch a boat to your private island Hotel? Do you like to travel by sea in comfortable vessels and enjoy the ocean view? We can fulfill your requirements with one of our luxury yachts. You can enjoy long hours trips to faraway destinations to island resorts. You never be bored during the trip. On our yachts, you can enjoy the live scenery of the Indian Ocean with sandbanks and small islands here and there, have nice food and drinks on the deck, observe the sunset, or starry sky under a fresh breeze. Luxury cabins will be prepared for guests to take rest after long tiring international flights. Especially if you are traveling with the kids - rest and calmness would be necessary. The yacht can pick you up straight from the Airport Beach - Chukwani Bay. Once you walk through passport control and received your luggage you will meet our guide, who will be happy to assist you to the Yacht. A yacht Trip can be a nice option for Honeymooners to have this unforgettable trip, or for Families, it can be already an excursion because there are chances to see schools of dolphins on the way and take nice photos or videos. Maybe you are a group of friends and you have time before departure, instead, to wait at the airport you can choose our yacht as transfer and have a few hours cruising, continue your holidays and enjoy every moment.

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+255 616 007 360

+255 616 007 360


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